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Hi, I'm Bob.

A professional programmer for over 15 years. Developing custom software takes a lot of time and money and often fails massively. So I value asking "why" exhaustively to drill to the core of problems and create lasting solutions, instead of band-aids that compound and bleed a budget to 0.

I pride myself in the ability to inspire people to deliver clear, maintainable software that's easy to extend when the uncertain future arrives. If you share my values, and have a project to plan or deliver, or a doomed one that needs to be saved, contact me.


Clojure is our go-to language. Fast, mature, expressive, productive and powerful, it reminds programmers how fun and exciting programming can be. When programmers enjoy their craft, they're more productive and write higher quality code, both major time and money savings. We also write Java embracing the ideas from Effective Java.


I offer 2 training consulting packages: Effective Java and Learn Clojure. I work with your team hands-on as an inspiring peer, not a know-it-all. We apply techniques to your code base and review code, with short periodic group sessions and frequent one-on-one paired programming sessions and discussions.


I've worked with many highly skilled people over the years. This wide network of diverse professionals helps me find well-regarded people quickly. If you're starting a new project or need to augment your existing team, I can help you hire great people who you'll be proud to call teammates.

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Bob and Jozie enjoying some good reads. Jozie is available for new projects, but you probably can't afford her, unless your project involves birdies or mousies.

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